Lucent Edition 03

Lucent Edition 03 lands on 5 June. Live on the night will be a South London bard and musician, a pickle-inspired artist and music to move to from an angelic DJ.

Join us at The Pickle Factory from 7.30 pm onwards. Tickets available  on DICE

Lucent Edition 03 featuring:


South London rapper Nigz is revered for his uncontainable energy, fierce delivery and merciless bars. In high demand thanks to an outlandish approach to music making and performance – even in the rap game  – he’s an artist impossible to ignore.


Part bard, part musician, South London’s Tariq Disu weaves melodies, words and visuals into self-produced epics. Taking a multi-layered approach and focusing on details, execution and form, Tariq’s work stands alone.⠀ 


The word pickle comes from the Dutch word pekel or northern German pókel, meaning ‘salt’ or ‘brine’, two very important components in the music making process of Otta.


East London DJ, creative and all-round angel Jess Ajose plays with a spectrum of sound. Dipping as easily into the melodic genres of afrobeat, soul and rap that she grew up with as she does into the electronic, industrial and club tracks discovered later on, Jess builds sets that showcase the music she loves.⠀ 

Lucent Edition 02

Lucent Edition 02 lands on May 1. Live on the night will be a trio of wild Mancunians, an ineffable London four-piece, a hypnotic, sparkling pop act and a multifarious DJ talent.  

Join us at The Pickle Factory from 7.30 pm onwards. Tickets available on Dice.

Lucent Edition 02 featuring:


Manchester triple threat Badgirl$ step out of static genres to curate their own fluid constellations of sound. Playing with what it means to be a band today, these three are irresistible. 


London-based Powerplant are searing new paths with the sizzling synthesisers and strict drums that lie at the core of their regime. In a world of ambiguity, this four-piece makes total sense.


Grand Pax mixes elements of trip hop and R&B into ethereal pop tunes. This Kentish Town-based multi-instrumentalist boasts a prolific and colourful realm of sound.


You’ll find London-based DJ Cajm equally at home in the world of rap beats as he is in experimental electronic grids or manipulating an OP-1. Let hime take you through entire sonic realms. 

Lucent Edition 01

We’re excited to share the lineup for Lucent Edition 01. For our very first showcase, we’ve hand-picked four artists as part of our curated live event series designed to represent forward-looking UK music. For this first showcase, we’ve invited an apparition-esque DJ, a chilling songstress, a dream-inspired band and a chaos-loving performer to grace the stage. 

Join us at The Pickle Factory on April 3 from 7.30 pm onwards for the sound of what’s to come. 

Lucent Edition 01 Featuring:


An ethereal songstress whose crystalline voice and use of otherworldly sounds sets her apart, London-based artist and musician Martha Skye Murphy is a sonic force not to be missed.


This Manchester three piece mesh dark electronic sounds with reverie-tinged music and beautiful visuals to create a world entirely of their own. We’re excited for them to bring that world to us on April 3. 


Nelson Beer speaks to chaos. A mutable, constantly shifting artist, their music snags on corners and drips off edges. Carrying entire ecosystems of sound, textures and visuals that spill out in the dervish-like performances which sit at the centre of their project, Nelson’s ethos is one that speaks to our own.


Capturing DJ PARADISE for Lucent was a must. A spectral presence on the UK’s musical landscape, this ghost collapses genres before rebuilding them into blown-out mixes that are the perfect soundtrack for escaping into three am reflection at any time.