Edition 01

We’re excited to share the lineup for Lucent Edition 01. For our very first showcase, we’ve hand-picked four artists as part of our curated live event series designed to represent forward-looking UK music. For this first showcase, we’ve invited an apparition-esque DJ, a chilling songstress, a dream-inspired band and a chaos-loving performer to grace the stage.

Join us at The Pickle Factory on April 3 from 7.30 pm onwards for the sound of what’s to come.

Lucent Edition 01 Featuring:

An ethereal songstress whose crystalline voice and use of otherworldly sounds sets her apart, London-based artist and musician Martha Skye Murphy is a sonic force not to be missed.

This Manchester three piece mesh dark electronic sounds with reverie-tinged music and beautiful visuals to create a world entirely of their own. We’re excited for them to bring that world to us on April 3.

Nelson Beer speaks to chaos. A mutable, constantly shifting artist, their music snags on corners and drips off edges. Carrying entire ecosystems of sound, textures and visuals that spill out in the dervish-like performances which sit at the centre of their project, Nelson’s ethos is one that speaks to our own.

Capturing DJ PARADISE for Lucent was a must. A spectral presence on the UK’s musical landscape, this ghost collapses genres before rebuilding them into blown-out mixes that are the perfect soundtrack for escaping into three am reflection at any time.