Watch our brand new 3D project created with LOLA

We collaborate with the West London artist to bring her mystical The Sleeping Prophet EP to life

‘The Sleeping Prophet’ is a series of mythological 3D tableaus we created in collaboration with LOLA as an immersive visual accompaniment to the West London musician’s EP of the same name.

Directed and designed by 3D Artist MUNGO, this journey through The Sleeping Prophet EP travels through its four tracks, “Wingless”, “Care”, “Feral Soul” and “Divinities”, as they sit within a shifting, mystical world that reflects each song within the wider cosmos of the project. This CGI, video game-esque universe is steeped in LOLA’s own detailed references of prophecy, reincarnation, iconography and the arcane found woven throughout The Sleeping Prophet project, which is inspired by the celestial stories written by clairvoyant Edgar Cayce.

The work includes bespoke, handcrafted flower installations for the “Feral Soul” scene, created by Artist and Set Designer Furmaan Ahmed. It also features an original mix fabricated by Sound Designer PULLEN who used the EP’s original instrumentals to score an audio guide through the story of ‘The Sleeping Prophet’, and which is available to download here.

Watch the video here, hosted by 4:3.


‘The Sleeping Prophet’ by LOLA & Lucent

Concept: LOLA & Sharkkana
Direction, 3D art and design by MUNGO
DoP: Taz Psaras
Commissioning & production by Alice Nicolov
Make-Up by Michelle Hier
Sound by PULLEN
Set design by Furmaan Ahmed

Produced by LUCENT